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5 Things I Enjoyed in June

1. Quarantine Casanova by Chromeo

I love listening to modern funk, and Chromeo is one of the best groups in that genre. While being bored during quarantine, they decided to make an album dedicated just to that. My favorite is the first track, Chlorox Wipe. If you’re looking for some music to make you smile and forget about this weird and challenging situation, this album is for you.

2. GO by Nigel Sylvester

I rediscovered this vlog series by Nigel Sylvester, where he goes to cities across the world. During his travels, he creates short films featuring celebrities, artists, musicians, and designers from a unique perspective—mainly from a GoPro-like angle while riding his bike.

It’s hard to say which one is my favorite, as I enjoyed them all. With travel being one of the things I won’t be doing this year, this series reminded me of how beautiful the world is and helped inspire where I’d like to travel next year.

3. Apple WWDC 2020

Each year I eagerly await the opening keynote for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), and for the first time, it was entirely remote. Many were curious about what this experience would be, and Apple did not disappoint. Perhaps this format of the keynote should be the way of the future. It felt inclusive, composed, and dense. It was innovative, especially in the way they filmed and transitioned from speaker to speaker. Also, Apple Park, which was showcased heavily in the keynote, is marvelous.

4. Mr. Porter’s Seasonal Sale Event

Mr. Porter is the best online menswear shopping destination. Their selection is unmatched compared to every other online retailer. Currently, their sale is up to 60% off, and since I’ve only recently begun my new job, drooling over luxurious, expensive clothing is all I can do.

Here’s a few items on my wishlist:

5. Landing Page Design for Fey

This month I discovered an investing app called Fey, which has a beautifully designed website. It has hints of Apple’s design aesthetic while making it still look original. The opening app screen scroll motion removing itself from the MacBook Pro’s is smooth and unique. I love the transition and how perfectly it fits. Also, the attention to detail is impressive.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for future updates!

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