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Nomad Sweater by Vollebak

I’ve mentioned Vollebak before, and they remain as one of my favorite brands who continue to create and discover unique fabrics, and uses them in some of the most interesting ways in their clothing designs.

Recently, they released a new sweater made from the rarest, strongest, softest, and lightest Merino on Earth.” I didn’t get a chance to pick one up, but the fabric looks amazing. I can only imagine how cozy this sweater must feel. Also, Loro Piana fabrics can be quite expensive due to the high quality of materials they use. Partnering with them on this sweater shows that this a luxury item, without nearly as high of a price tag.

It’s really great to see Vollebak move into knitwear. I’m curious what else they have planned in this category for the future and I’ll be keeping my eye out.

I hope they restock both the Light and Dark colorways but I’m guessing this might have been a limited run.

It looks like there may be a hooded version releasing soon, so I recommend signing up for their email list to make sure you don’t miss out. These sweaters ended up selling out fast, so if you see you want the hoodie, make sure to check for their advance access email announcements.

Image via Vollebak


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